What Is MyStrategyLab?

MyStrategyLab will save you time and help improve your results.

MyStrategyLab is an easy-to-use learning management system that enables instructors to assess student progress and adapt course material to meet the specific needs of the class.

When students complete an online self-assessment, the results of this test generate a customised study plan, including a variety of tools to help them fully master the material. MyStrategyLab then reports these results to the instructor. Based on these reports, the instructor can adapt course material to suit the needs of individual students or the class as a whole.

Combining an eText, tests, audio summaries, quizzes, weblinks, glossary, flashcards, and more, MyStrategyLab engages students and gives them the tools they need to enhance their performance in your course.

MyStrategyLab Features and Benefits

  • Self-Assessment. MyStrategyLab offers robust self-assessment tests to determine each student's mastery of key content areas. Organised by major section or chapter, these diagnostic tests contain questions that are mapped to the Learning Objectives within the text. Quizzes are randomised so students have numerous opportunities to re-test areas they do not understand. This varied assessment program enables instructors and students alike to accurately measure student progress.
  • Customised Study Plan. Generated from chapter pre-tests and post-tests, the study plan identifies areas of weakness and strength to help students focus their attention and efforts where they're needed the most. How does this work? Based on the results of the pre-test, MyStrategyLab analyses each student's results, assigns each student a study plan with specific exercises designed to help with the content they have yet to master, and reports these assignments to the instructor via a gradebook. The study plan exercises use numerous rich resources such as an e-book version of their text and quizzes, which engage students and, at the same time, help them to study independently.
  • Customised Feedback. MyStrategyLab enables instructors to efficiently focus course content based on actual student performance. MyStrategyLab analyses each student's progress, and reports these results to the instructor via a gradebook. Instructors receive an aggregate report of overall class performance and may also view test results at the individual student level. MyStrategyLab’s aggregate report provides a valuable snapshot of class performance that allows instructors to direct their attention to the content areas in which the class as a whole is struggling. Since MyStrategyLab calculates and reports test results automatically, instructors can closely monitor student and class progress without investing any additional time.
  • The Strategy Experience. MyStrategyLab also features The Strategy Experience, an exciting and competitive strategy simulation. Select Learn About – The Strategy Experience from the tabs above to find out more about The Strategy Experience.
  • Dynamic eText of Exploring Strategy or Fundamentals of StrategyMyStrategyLab also features a dynamic eText of the book that you can search, bookmark, annotate and highlight as you please.  The eText also offers a shared features option.

Ways a lecturer might use the 'shared notes' feature of the Pearson e-Text

  • To add their own thoughts to the text – this might be to explain background or additional information, to make a point, to add context, to explain a difference of opinion with the author or to present an alternate perspective.
  • To provide a weblink to relevant online content.
  • To direct students to related content on a university VLE.
  • To give exam tips.
  • To pose questions for students to think about and/or be ready to discuss in seminar.
  • To give study guidance.
  • To guide student reading.
  • To make connections with other relevant material in the text.
  • To direct students to use resources within mystrategylab.
  • To clarify typically confusing content.
  • To make suggestions for further reading.
  • To inform students about other modules they may wish to consider.
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